Our Team, Our Mentors, Our Heroes

"The Sky Is Not The Limit"


Fletcher Cleaves 

Fletcher turned tragedy into a inspiring testimony. On September 10, 2009, I was involved in a tragic car accident caused by a distracted driver, who was suspected to have been texting while driving. This event left me paralyzed from the chest down, and I was challenged with the task of starting my life over. Now, a quadriplegic, I had to relearn everything in order to adjust to my new circumstances. 

"Cancer Sucks"


Kyle Atkinson

With no choice in the matter. Kyle felt "off" and went to the doctor days before signing a D1 Basketball scholarship.  When he went to the doctor, everything changed. A tumor the size of a softball was lodged in the very center of his brain.  Kyle has setbacks and challenges, but his commitment to a positive attitude is unmatched. Drawing on his personal successes and failures, Kyle seeks to challenge others to be the best versions of themselves. 

Educate, Inspire, Prevent


Ethan Fisher 

Ethan made many horrible choices and decisions as a high school and college student. Alcohol, drugs and manic depression lead him down the wrong path. Now Ethan spread's his story to make students aware of the choice they make today can directly impact their futures of tomorrow.